B Battery, 4th Battalion, 3rd Field Artillery
Garlstedt, FRG

I was the Assistant Executive Officer of Bravo Battery, 4th BN 3rd FA in Garlstedt when the 1st FA Cohort Battery disbanded. Since I had some ability with graphics, the commander asked me to assist Richard Clay in putting together a unit history booklet for each soldier. Our only alternative was to produce them on a copy machine as there was no money allotted. I failed to return some the photos once the books were produced. Finding these photos 35 years later, I thought this web page would be a good place to put them; so here they are.

Note: If you want any of these, since I reduced the file sizes because of the time it takes to load them on the web page, contact me at fhprintmkr@gmail.com and I will email you a higher resolution copy.

M109 Firing
Last Round, B 4/3 FA
Sighting In


B 4/3 FA Basic Training
4/3 FA Bivouac
B 4/3 FA PX Run
B 4/3 FA Depart Basic
Drill Sgt
Departing Basic
BCT Graduatoin Parade
High Dive
My Image
In the Barracks
My Image
AIT Graduation
AIT Graduation
AIT Graduation
AIT Graduation
Departing AIT


M109 in FRG
Gun Line, Clay Kasern, FRG
Gun Line, Clay Kasern, FRG


4/3 FA NTC
4/3 FA at NTC
4/3 FA NTC
4/3 FA NTC
M109 Gunner's Hatch
M109 Camo NTC
4/3 FA NTC
4/3 FA NTC
M109 Emplaced
Snoozing at NTC
4/3 FA at NTC
4/3 FA Emplaced, NTC
4/3 FA Maintenance
Flight to FRG
Flight to FRG


B 4/3 Change of Command
Battery Commander B 4/3 FA
In the field, B 4/3 FA
Checking Lay, B 4/3 FA
An Award
Command Group
M109 Clay Kaserne, FRG
FDC, B 4/3 FA
FDC B 4/3 FA
My Image


2nd AD Symbol
4/3 FA, Convoy, FRG
4/3 FA Convoy
4/3 FA Rail Load
4/3 FA Rail Load
4/3 FA Rail Load
In The Field
4/3 FA Baseball
M109 Front
4/3 FA Awards
LTC Laws, BN Cdr
Breach, M109
Maintenance, 4/3 FA
Mess Section, B 4/3 FA
Firing Last Round, B 4/3 FA
Passing the last round, B 4/3 FA
Firing the last round, B 4/3 FA

CPT Kim Cavanaugh
First Sergeant George “Top” Brown (Rest in Peace)
SFC Melvin “Smoke” Henson
SFC Robert “Gunny” Washington
SFC Clyde Bell
SSG Russel Roy
SGT Calvin Reed
SP4 Peter Brown
SP4 Ivan Hernandez
SP4 Freddie Threatt
SP4 Dallas Hollin
PVT William Martin
SSG Donald LaCombe
SGT Darrell Hipsher
SP4 Timothy Gamble
SP4 Frederick Vann
SP4 Robert Pearson
SP4 Ronnie Green
SP4 Matthew Dennis
SP4 Richard Clay
SSG Larry Mullins
CPL Scott Pearson
SP4 Steven Reycroft
SP4 Gregory Hayes
SP4 Edward Kaiser
SP4 Gerald Espenhover
SP4 Clarence Hutchins

SSG James Mosby
SGT Brian Zolman
PFC Aaron Fuller
SP4 Thelonious Tripp
SP4 Willard Shepherd
SGT Douglas Crance
SSG Richard Neely
SGT John Brinkley
SP4 David Johnson
SP4 David Horvat
SP4 Jerry Malone
SP4 Robert Berry
SGT Michael Yeager
SSG Ismail Perez
SGT Luis Perez
SP4 Floyd Montgomery
PFC Robert Delaney
SP4 Arguelles Pabon
SGT Mark DeShields
SSG John Kessler
SGT Jeffrey Walker
SGT Daniel Murphy
SP4 Dwight Henderson
PFC Stephen Shaw
SGT Ronald Pope
SGT Michael Shockney
SGT Ricardo King
CPL Dale Daniels
SP4 Enrique Hernandez

SP4 William Armstrong
SP4 Rex Smith
SP4 Rick Smith
SSG Eugene Lovett
SP4 Romas Dixon
SP4 Joaquin Perry-Edwards
PFC Kris Lehman
SSG Dale Pullin
SP4 Michael Widdowson
SP4 Stewart Atwood
SP4 Felix Vasqueznieves
SP4 Hubert Pittman
SP4 Lawrence Baker
PFC William Douglas
PVT Franklin Wise
PFC Edward Marcellis
SGT Larry Middlebrooks
SP4 Casey Copeland
SP4 Louis Shutts
SGT Brian Browning
SGT Clevan Wilson
SP4 Staphon Williams
SGT Timothy Dahl
SGT Michael Overton
SSG David Hardin
1LT John Capelli
1LT Brian Boettner
1LT Franklin Hoffman